Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy First Birthday, 'V' Pups!

Pearl's 'V' pups are one year old!
Valor Vargas Vartan Venezia Vermeer Verona Viana Vico and Victor!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Danea and her sisters

Pearl is still recovering from her breeder retirement 'operation' and is not yet up to writing her blog; however, she wanted us (her humans) to express her pride in her newly matriculated 'D' pups and share more great photos.

As of the end of August, Danea and her sister Damita began attending school at the CCI Academy in Southern California.

[Above, the girls are dressed up for the matriculation ceremony.]

Before beginning her Advanced Training, Danea (with help from her human 'mom' Marianne) sent Pearl a lovely e-mail with news about her summer and all her accomplishments.
[At left, Danea composes her e-mail. Pearl thinks that Danea look rather like her.]

Pearl loved hearing all about Danea's summer adventures. Although Danea had to do stuff to get ready for college such as go to the doctor for shots, she also got to have plenty of summer fun with swimming lessons and a trip to a baseball game!

At the end of the summer, Danea flew out to California from Arizona in order to start college.

She was accompanied on the flight by her younger half-sister Venezia (another of Pearl's pups). Both girls got seats on the plane and we are sure they were very well-behaved. [At right, Venzy has a snooze during the flight.]

Finally, before saying their goodbyes, Danea and Venzy hung out on the beach in California. As beautiful blondes, they certainly fit right in.