Saturday, June 28, 2008

Checking out the new 'digs'

Dear friends! Pearl here. My pups are now out of the 'puppy pool' and have made the move to their larger abode. They were very excited, as their new area has more space for them to run and play.

Although my pups were quite pleased with their new play-pen, I first had to make a very thorough investigation of it myself.

I even included in my tour a visit to the 'puppy den'. I had a 'den' like it myself when I was a puppy, but I had to check this one out to make sure that it was just right for my pups.
Apparently, I've grown a little since I was a puppy, because it was a bit difficult to squeeze myself in to take a look around. Maybe I shouldn't have gone in head-first as I almost got stuck trying to turn around.

My humans were not much help since they were taking pictures and, I think, laughing at my predicament.

I did manage to fit into the crate in the end, although it was a bit 'cozy'. I even had enough room to invite my pups in to join me.

When my inspection was complete, getting out again was also a little bit tricky, but I'm happy to say I'm still limber (it's all the yoga).

I thought the accommodations just fine for my
pups and they all filed in for their first night in their den.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Escape(s) from the Puppy Pool

[A note from Pearl's 'humans']  
After a couple days of peering with curiosity over the edge of the puppy pool, the pups finally decided to investigate what was on the other side.

Alaric was the first to make the 'leap' (though, it wasn't so much a 'leap' as a couple minutes of hauling with his front paws and scrambling with his hind paws).

As you can see from the photo below, Alaric sort of went head first. Unfortunately, we don't have a photo of his 'landing', with him looking initially dazed ('so, I'm out, now what?') and then a little proud of himself.

We also have no pictures from the next day when three more of the puppies proceeded to scramble out as well, because we were too busy scooping them up and putting them back. They were hardly 'popping' out of the pool, but they did make several escape attempts over the course of a couple days. Fortunately, the effort of each escape was too much for them to attempt more than once in any play period.

As a result of the puppies' adventures, they will be moving to the 'x-pen' enclosure later today!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Puppies' first teeth and first 'woobies'!

[From Pearl's 'humans']
The puppies are currently growing their first teeth which they have started testing out on their siblings. Especially after meals, the pups prance around the puppy pool and then, with excited growls, pounce on each other.

In order to give the pups something else to chew on at playtime, we recently brought out the 'woobies' (favorite toys- usually stuffed). The puppy toychest produced some tiny stuffed bears, a rubber dinosaur, a couple balls and a pair of so-called 'loofah' pets which have become the woobies of choice. [At left, Avila plays with the bear.]

The puppies like to bring their new woobies to dinner and bath-time.

And, at bedtime, everyone wants to hang out with the woobies. [At left, Avila naps with the 'loofah puppy' woobie.]

Admittedly, some puppies are 'woobie-hogs'.

However, at night, the puppies share the woobies in the family 'puppy pile'.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Playtime and Naptime!

Pearl is taking a well deserved nap, so she's asked us (her humans) to update her blog.

The puppies are all great. They still sleep most of the time; however, every hour or two (day and night), they fill up on milk before lumbering off again to flop down in various configurations.

Since all five can see and walk to some extent, they also spend some of the brief time that they are awake each day strolling around the puppy pool with tails wagging, while chirping, squeaking, or 'growling'. Some of the pups are consistently 'chattier' than others, but twice today they performed a five-part chorus in unison ('woooOOOooo!'), which suggests both undiscovered vocal talent and that they are starting to hear each other.

Occasionally, they also initiate wrestling matches with each other.

The pups also want to contribute to the blog with some tips for naptime (since it is their main activity). A few enjoy sleeping on their backs, while others recommend the belly position. (Alaric is partial to both, depending on his mood. At right, he demonstrates the belly 'frog-splat').

Of course, they prefer sleeping on mom when they can, but they've discovered that siblings also make good pillows.

However, sometimes, on a warm night, they find that it is nicer to just cuddle up with a chilled water bottle.

[Pearl's 'humans']

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Pearl's 'A' puppies have names!

'Red boy' is now Alaric
'Blue boy' is now Atticus
'Purple girl' is now Amita
'Green girl' is now Adian
'Pink girl' is now Avila

ALARIC (red collar) ATTICUS (blue collar)

AMITA (purple collar) ADIAN (neon green collar)

AVILA II (neon pink collar)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Walking and talking

The pups have been getting on just wonderfully since my last post.  At almost 2 weeks, they're already quite big! My humans weigh them every day and my largest, 'big red', is 3  1/4 lbs. How fast they grow! This means that, starting tomorrow, I'll be getting a little extra in my breakfast, lunch, high tea and dinner bowls just so that I can make enough milk for the hungry pups.  

All of their eyes are open a little bit, but 'green girl' was the first to get a real look at the world today. My humans gave her a quick, chauffeured tour of the back yard where she got her first glimpse of birds and flowers.

The pups still spend most of the day nursing or sleeping, but some have started to play - a little wrestling and 'bitey-face', and all are practicing their strolling.  'Purple girl' ('little plum') nearly has her walk mastered!  Below, you can see a video of her 'singing' while she walks.
                               Love, Pearl

Friday, June 6, 2008

Me and my girl

Greetings friends!

As you can see from the photo, I like to give my pups individual attention when I can.  Here I am spending quality time with one of my girls.  

She's quite a beauty, don't you think?  Her fur, like her siblings, is a lovely caramel color.  It's a different color from my own, but in fact, my many pups have always had a gorgeous range of fur color, from black to reddish golden to pale blond.  I've been told that many of my kids still resemble me though, because they have my eyes.  It's a bit too soon to tell with these new pups because their eyes haven't opened yet! 

At this point, the pups can't actually see, hear or walk, although they do scoot around and make a squeaking noise when they want to find me.  They never go far, since they stay in the 'puppy pool', but in the middle of the night they frequently get disoriented and wake my humans up with their cries.  The pups quiet down as soon as they are returned to me, but my humans and I are a bit sleep-deprived as a result.

In a couple more weeks, they'll start to walk.  I promise to have my humans record their first real steps on video!  For now, they'll just have to be content hanging out with their mom! 

That's all for now! Pearl.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Pearl's multi-tasking

Dear readers,

The pups have been keeping me busy, so I've been working on the art of multi-tasking.

Admittedly, it's a bit difficult to type while the pups use one of my legs as a pillow, but it keeps them quiet and happy.

Eventually, they'll get too big to snooze on me. They'll learn that cuddling up with their siblings can also be quite a comfy way to take a nap.

For now, however, I'll be juggling feeding duties with lulling them to sleep . . .

Fortunately, I've got a few motherly tricks. For instance, I can give belly-rubs and nurse my pups at the same time! (see photo below)

(Here, I demonstrate giving a belly-rub to 'blue boy'.)