Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Empty nest no more!

Mama Pearl is happy to welcome her son Vico back to California. After receiving his education in the Midwest, Vico has returned to his place of birth, where he will enjoy the California sun while bringing excitement to his mom's life and pursuing a career or hobby that makes use of his excellent retrieving skills.

Last weekend, Vico flew to California from Chicago where his human aunt lives. Pearl's human mom had come out to Chicago to pick him up from his Puppy Raisers in Ohio. Pearl's family met up with Vico's Puppy-Raiser Tera, her mom, and his currently in-training 'sister' halfway between Chicago and Ohio. After fond farewells with his Puppy Raiser family (who plan to visit him in California soon), he napped all the way back to Chicago.

Since Vico's auntie's Chicago apartment could not accommodate him, he stayed with his humans for a night at a downtown Chicago hotel where he got the celebrity treatment. [Above, he checks out his digs for the night.] Despite the dog-bed, he was discovered to have snuck onto the people beds in the middle of the night.

In the morning (after coffee for the humans), Vico got to enjoy a spring day at the Chicago lake shore where he received many compliments from joggers, and valiantly resisted the call of the water (he would have loved to go for a dip). He also hung out with a downtown playgroup for whom he showed off his ball-chasing skills (he's quite the retriever!) After a light lunch and before heading off to the airport, Vico dropped by 'Wiggly Field' dog park where he happily mixed with dogs of all shapes and sizes, and charmed other dog-owners into throwing the ball for him. He particularly impressed the crowd with his in-air catch and perfect 'give'.

After seducing airport personnel with his laid-back demeanor and goofy smile (as a kid at the airport put it: 'that dog is laughing!'), Vico settled into his crate for the long trip home. Although flying 'cargo' is always stressful (. . . and humans complain about 'economy class'!), he made the flight to San Francisco in good humor.

Upon arrival, Vico was welcomed home by mama Pearl who immediately found him very entertaining. They have since discovered a shared love of sticks (see above photo) and paper products.