Saturday, March 7, 2009

Victor and Viana's Big Day!

Hello all, Pearl here. I just wanted to report on meeting with my kids Victor and Viana before they started school a couple weeks ago. It had been a long time since I'd last seen them, and during that time, they had grown into wonderful young dogs. [ Above, the three of us spend some quality time together.]

I hadn't seen my son Victor since he was just two months old and now he's bigger than me! He is quite the handsome fellow and looks, I think, rather like his dad with his big head and mane (although I can see a bit of myself in him too).

Victor was a bit of a goofball as a pup (he liked to splash around in his water bowl), but is very dignifed now.

Since Viana was raised nearby, I had seen her more recently. She is very lovely, but I could tell already when she was a puppy that she would be a sweetie. I think she looks alot like me when I was her age!

I know that Victor and Viana and their siblings will all work hard,
learn alot and have an exciting time at CCI college!