Sunday, February 22, 2009

Southwest 'V' pups are off to Advanced Training!

On Feb. 7th, Venezia and her brother Vargas headed off to Advanced Training in Oceanside, CA. Venezia was raised in Arizona, while Vargas (AKA 'Gus') lived in Utah with the same family who raised his half-brother Cusack (now a skilled companion in southern CA).
Above, Vargas gives his sister a congratulatory kiss (or, is he wondering why she has cookie breath?).

Before heading off to college, they got to visit Legoland with their 'grandma' Suzanne (papa Finnegan's human mom). [er, grandma Suzanne is not pictured]

Congratulations to both of them and their Puppy Raisers!

Below are photos of Venzy and Gus as 8 week old puppies!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday 'D' Pups!

Pearl's 'D' pups are 2 years old today!

Daltry ***
Danea *** Delia
Devika *** Devline
Dharma *** Donali
Dorit *** Dryden

Danea (left) is currently back at home with her puppy raiser celebrating turning 2.

Dorit is also now back at home with her puppy raiser
s helping to raise her half-sister Adian. At right, Pearl's girls lounge together in the grass.

Hopefully, more updates on the 'D's coming soon.